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"These are excellent inspirational books for all  ages which touch on the major challenges and growth that we will experience throughout life. The shared authenticity will help individuals  triumphantly overcome hardships that await on their road to becoming mature in navigating the ways of the world. The books are also an excellent read for taking the road less traveled  and will rekindle the fire for desires that may have faded away.”
 - Anonymous, Philadelphia, PA

The Healed Woman : A Journey to Healing

September 30, 2019

On the road to becoming a healed woman, often, the journey feels like it is being traveled alone.Navigating through being born into sin, broken without notice, unwarranted attention, protecting “the little girl within”, maintaining emotional stability, embarking on the road to healing and finally becoming the healed woman, a tool can be useful to help aid in the journey along the way.In this book, common encounters are shared with the reader that may occur while on the road to healing for women of all ages.With a compassionate tone and honest look at reality, The Healed Woman offers fresh perspectives on the power behind moments of confusion when on the road to becoming healed…

Self-Help|Young Adult The universe is full of distractions, and young people need a fresh perspective on the power that lies behind their growing pains. Navigating through peer pressure, family-imposed goals, social media engagement, society short changing our influence, while figuring out just what we truly want from life can be enough to make a young adult go crazy. As easy as it may be to pretend that nothing is wrong on the outside, on the inside we are slowly fading, looking for an outlet that will bring relief; and as a result, at times we cry. A silent heart is one that is hurting, but it can endure major hardships with grace. It is wise while we are young to choose to walk on a path less traveled in order to truly reap the benefits of growing into the person God wants us to be. Following the crowd may be popular now but as you mature you will see that individuality is to be celebrated. During these young adult years you must not be afraid to be different and go against popular culture when your intuition is leading you. Inside the silent heart are moments for personal growth. Delivered from Faye’s millennial voice readers will learn her POV on: What a faith walk will look and feel like, The need for reconciliation and keeping peace, and how to maintain inner strength in the face of adversity.


April 06, 2017

The valley experience is one that is unique for each individual. It is an experience in which one may encounter delays or set backs while in pursuit of accomplishing a goal set forth. It usually occurs after experiencing some sort of bliss while on the journey of life. The valley comes to test the seeds of faith, perseverance, and determination planted deep within the souls of us all. The result of the valley experience is making it to the mountain top through faith, hard-work, and determination.


February 01, 2015

We all have relationships that may have become estranged overtime due to the lack of being forgiving. With a humble and compassionate heart, those relationships can be renewed through the art of forgiveness which leads to a total reconciliation between two souls. 

Secret Tears

July 14, 2014

We all have common tears which lie beneath the surface known as "Secret Tears". Being that we all shed these common tears, it is essential to acknowledge that we are not alone. These tears serve a purpose in helping to define what we truly stand for. Believing in the growth that these tears provide enriches the soul to press forward through the pain. Be Blessed!

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