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Passionate About Inspiring 

Faye Naomi Dunston’s personal philosophy is “all things are possible through faith, hard work and determination.” Transitioning through her own personal experiences as a young adult, the Washington DC native took to writing and published her first title at the age of 19 during her freshman year in college. That book, “Letters from Faye” is made up of  letters addressing her trials and tribulations and how her faith in taking the "road less traveled" changed her life. From there, she pressed forward to compile her second book “Secret Tears,” based on the premise that we as individuals have common tears beneath the surface of our true identity, that can be used as motivation to empower our desires.

Finding writing to be a form of healing, she penned her third book “Reconciliation: The Art of Forgiveness” which focuses on relationships that may have been estranged due to the lack of forgiveness. In this work, she shares relevant spiritual words of encouragement on the necessity of humility and having a compassionate heart which leads to a reconciliation between two souls and how reconciliation can be the avenue for self-healing. Her fourth book “Strength in the Valley” is about maintaining inner strength while stuck in dark yet temporary places, we'd rather not be.

She refers to those places as the valley throughout this work. Her fifth book, "Silent Heart: Navigating Growing Pains with Grace," speaks to a silent heart which is one that endures hardships with grace. Inside the silent heart are evolution's of  personal development. Her sixth book, "The Healed Woman", speaks to the different evolutions of an internal healing process caused by some inevitable external factors. Her most recent publication, "Free Game: Seven Tips to Entrepreneurship Start-Up", speaks to the individual who is ready to embark on the road of entrepreneurship. 

In addition to being an author, Dunston is a certified international development coach (ICF), empowerment speaker, and broadcast host. Seeing herself as a light for children, with over 10 years of service in education in the Nation's Capital, she’s worked with individuals in several capacities. As the founder of  Sprinkle of Hope, Inc., a non-profit empowerment and motivational organization that provides a blueprint in setting strategies in being business leaders, her belief system is, once the strategies are established, there should be a plan of action in place to execute them.


Dunston holds the following credentials: Master of Arts in Teaching, Bachelor of Arts with honors in Social Relations, Graduate Certification in Literacy Coaching & Teacher Leadership, OSSE Educator Administrator. She was elected into Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges for outstanding merit and accomplishment. She is a lifetime member of the National Society of Leadership and Success. She also studied law at the Charles Hamilton Houston Law Institute in Washington DC, on the campus of Georgetown University Law Center, and continues to pursue higher education.

As President of the community affairs department within Sprinkle of Hope, Inc., she spearheads families within the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program in partnership with the Department of Human Services in Washington, DC. She’s been a vital asset to AmeriCorps through the Literacy Lab of Washington, DC where she helped close the literacy gap with at-risk youth within the DC public school and Charter school systems. She has  participated in monumental rallies such as the Million Man March and Black Lives Matter Movement. She’s even had the distinct opportunity to connect with the prominent Reverend Jesse Jackson and Angela Davis.


Dunston’s hard work has garnered local television and radio appearances as well as numerous speaking engagements where she emphasizes the importance of "the road less traveled", forgiveness, self-discovery, maintaining inner strength, and being connected to a higher power. She continues to collaborate on new business endeavors and stay connected to the younger generation while encouraging her audiences to never give up on themselves or their dreams.

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